Flat Roofs –

Flat roofs are unique and affordable, as well as provide additional interior space. The very concept of the flat roof design is problem-causing. The idea of designing a flat roof that does not gather moisture or hold water makes it challenging for any roofing company that is not experienced in all aspects of flat roofing design, installation, repair, reroofing or restoration. In fact, flat roofing is the type of roofing that can actually end up with the most damage, if it is not installed, repaired or restored exactly according to design, as again, it is counterintuitive to expect a flat surface to naturally drain. Anyone who has dealt with roofing and structural design and maintenance will tell you that nothing is more damaging than water and moisture. Peabody’s Pros may make it look easy, but it is our decades of expertise that elevates us above the completion, and keeps our customers happy!

Flat roofing solutions include:




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