Peabody Restoration and Roofing is Not Just Another Contracting Company!

We are Colorado’s First Choice for Renovations, Restorations, and Roofing!


The true essence of a company is not found in mission statements or business plans. The true essence of a company is found in the satisfaction of the customers who have, in good faith, already invested their own money, time and trust with it. We are a proud to be a customer centered organization providing roofing, restoration and renovations in Colorado. Our goal each day is to value, respect, and honor the customers we serve. Our hope is to provide each of our customers with the most positive experience possible. We are proud of our high customer satisfaction and even more proud when our customers refer us. Restoration and Roofing surpass the expectations of our valued customers, so that we may ultimately become the leading company in Denver, Colorado for residential and commercial roofing and contracting services.  


Our elite team of craftsmen and their expertise covers every possible aspect of repair, restoration and construction. They are bonded, licensed, insured, well supervised, and operate according to OSHA standards! Whether we are removing deconstruction decay and rubble, or polishing off the job with the finishing touches, we only do things according to best construction practices. Expert roofing involves science, art and technology. Our teams are not only vested in the success of each project, but in achieving optimum results and delivering unprecedented customer satisfaction. This is the heart and soul of our company and our craftsman, and what allows us to make strong commitments about our quality and our service. 


FREE Inspection, Consultation, Prognosis and Quotes to Residential and Commercial Property Owners in our Area! No Damage? No Problem! No Obligation!

Wind, hail, and heavy rain storms can cause damage to even newly built roofs and structures. When the property has previous damage, or is aging badly, these events can be catastrophic; affecting not only the roof, but also siding, vents, windows, screens, skylights, fencing and chimneys. A minute ding today, undetected or neglected, substantially increasing the odds of roof or structure erosion, and costlier damage later. Creating a relationship with Peabody today, could save you thousands later!   


Colorado Property Owners and Managers Love Peabody Restoration and Roofing!

We save time, money and headaches, while protecting valuable properties!


Most commercial entities have an onsite staff well positioned for basic day-to-day property upkeep and maintenance. The idea of maintaining an onsite staff with all the necessary disciplines to also properly address major weather issues, catastrophic events, and major restoration, is cost prohibitive. With a Peabody Property Manager Plan, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured experts arrive when and while you need them!  


A Peabody Property Plan, allows commercial and residential property managers to turn over the regular inspection, minor maintenance, of the structures, to us. We begin with an initial inspection

and then set up a schedule based upon the needs of the properties. Should there be extensive damage, extenuating circumstances, or emergencies, Plan Members receive discounted pricing, and priority treatment. By regularly inspecting the condition of roofing and structures, property owners can catch damage early and avoid additional costly damage, while protecting the structure’s integrity, property contents, and value. 


Call Peabody Restoration today to see if a Peabody Property Plan can save you time, money and headaches, while helping to maintain the integrity and value of your property.


Property and Roofing Inspections for Real Estate Sellers, Buyers, Agents, Brokers and Mortgage Lenders – When it is time to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, no matter which side of the deal you are on, the first step to an equitable sale, is to determine the value of the property. Size, age, design, quality of construction, and location, are all a part of the “real estate value” equation. Nothing however, is more important than the integrity of the structure itself. Poorly maintained properties, no matter what their size or cost, are less valuable and will age more quickly. Unaddressed structural and roofing damage means the property is worth less now, but long-term is, more vulnerable to ongoing erosion from sun, wind, and rain.  


Peabody Restoration and Roofing makes buying, selling and investing in real estate easier and more profitable. In Denver, smart property owners include Peabody Restoration and Roofing on their real estate sales and acquisition team! Engaging Peabody professionals early in the sales process can facilitate a quick and more profitable sale, as well as to helping to stop ongoing damage. Buyers and investors have peace of mind knowing the impending sales is a solid investment! Sellers are assured they are getting the most money possible at the closing table. Advanced preparation of the property leads to more profitable sales!


What Restoration Means to The Value of Your Property!


At Peabody, we love all things real estate! Nothing pleases us more than seeing our property owners smile as they survey their newly restored properties! It is hard work but, for us, it is a labor of love! We maintain contact with our property owners throughout the project, making the process as easy as possible. We’ll keep you informed throughout the simple, easy restoration process. From the initial deconstruction and roof tear-off, to the final inspection, and clean-up, it is our goal to be our property owners’ best ally! Using our experience and assistance quickly will improve the integrity, as well as stopping ongoing erosion and deterioration. We do all we can to make the process seamless and affordable for property owners, and back it with the Peabody Promise.




We do whatever your restoration job calls for:


  • Facias

  • Windows and Doors

  • Gutters and Vents

  • Fencing

  • Screens

  • Skylights

  • Siding


Whether you are having a roof constructed on a newly built home or commercial property, or mitigating worrisome weather, wind, or hail damage, this is a perfect time to evaluate the condition of the entire property. Not only are roofs damaged by weather events, windows, screens, gutters, siding, skylights, vents and doors can also experience damage, affecting not only the appearance, but the stability of the structures as well. Failing to thoroughly inspect the peripheral items can cost you more money later, if the claim for the roof or structure does not make note of the additional damages.


What are the restoration projects that bring the most value to a property?


Industry studies show that the specific type of restoration really does matter, not only to the integrity of the structure, but to the appraised value as well. Recent studies of reroofing restorations show that replacing a roof can increase the property value in the range of 15% to 40%. That means in Colorado, where the average cost of a home is in excess of $300,000, a new roof can increase the property value in the range of $45,000 to $122,000! A better covering will provide better protection for the structure and contents, while improving the longevity and the value of the property.


Exact amount of return can vary greatly, but 5 of the areas of restoration that have the greatest effect on value. One hundred percent represents the amount invested, while these specific return on investment percentage shows the percentage under or over the 100% investment. So, purchasing a new entry door at costs $800, will return an amount of $881.40 on the return on initial investment, showing an immediate increase in value of $81.40. 


1. Entry door replacement (101.8%)
2. Manufactured stone veneer (92.2%)
3. Garage door replacement—mid-range (88.5%)
4. Siding replacement, fiber cement (84.3%)
5. Garage door replacement—upscale (82.5%)

Full Service Restoration Specialists




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