Metal Roofing –

Homes and commercial buildings adorned with classic metal style roofing tiles or sheets, are community stand-outs! The look is clean, simple and stylish, providing an ambiance of “old” with the dependability of new. Given that metal roofing is much more costly than traditional roof materials, cannot be cheaply mass produced, and must be installed by experienced roofing pros, it is not surprising that due to cost, this is one of the least chosen roofing options utilized today. Peabody Restoration and Roofing Pros are masters at metal roofing installation, repair and maintenance.

Metal roofing is artistic and architecturally pleasing. It is lightweight, energy efficient, durable and requires little maintenance. Combine this with the fact that most roofing companies do not have the knowledge or experience with metal roofing, and it’s no wonder this is not a common choice. Because of these characteristics many historical landmark and estate property owners prefer the artistic look of metal roofing.

Metal roofing blends in well with nature, since it is manufactured from natural metals, like aluminum, steel, lead and copper. Peabody Restoration and Roofing professionals are experienced in all aspects of metal roofing including choosing the best styles, applications, experienced craftsman, and materials is essential for success. Gambling the high cost of metal roofing materials with any company that does not employ experienced installers is never a good idea. You can depend on Peabody to see the job through with the highest quality results.

If you want to know if metal roofing is a viable option for your property, call us! If metal roofing is a good choice for your residential or commercial property, Peabody is the best company to trust. Our pros will know if it is a good choice for your needs.    




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