Slate Shingles –

Slate shingles can be the perfect touch to take a plain property to an entirely new level. Slate comes in a wide variety of textures, colors, and finishes, and adds a simple touch of elegance and classic styling. It is used on both residential and commercial properties, and is an especially good choice in a wet climate, as it has the lowest rate of water absorption of any roofing material. It is highly energy efficient, but also one of the heaviest types of roof coverings.

The longevity of slate far exceeds that of less costly traditional coverings, offering multiple decades of durability, and a healthy bump to the property’s value as well. The downsides of slate roofing are that it must be installed by experts who are experienced in the art of slate roof installation to obtain the best results.

Clay Tile –

This artistic and natural looking roofing option is an excellent choice for higher end real estate properties, classic style architecture, and historical landmark properties. It is energy efficient and elegant, adding an air of style to any property that can take it from a “home” to an estate. It is artistic, aesthetically pleasing, and classic! Clay is also low in maintenance and upkeep, and has a life-expectancy up to 100 years. The downsize is the material cost and the painstaking art of installing it for optimum beauty and performance. The ideal choice for discerning property owners, clay roofs are often found on million dollar properties, estates, and buildings of historical importance.

Concrete Tile –

The rustic and natural beauty of concrete roofing tiles make it an obvious option for coveted fine properties. It is a durable, weather-resistant roofing material that can take a “building” and move it into the realm of a historical classic. Concrete tiles come in a wide variety of colorful shades and improve curb appeal instantly. Insurance companies like the safety of concrete tiles and will often reward property owners with concrete roofing sizable insurance discounts.




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