Colorado homes are worth more than ever! In June, 2016, The Denver Post reported . . . “Home prices are now 49.1 percent above the old high they reached in the first quarter of 2006. That is the biggest increase from the prior decade’s peak among any of the 100 metros tracked in a home price index run by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.”



This is good news for Colorado homeowners, and great news for homeowners who take the time to properly maintain their home. A well-maintained home is more attractive, has better structural integrity, will last longer, and sell for a higher price. Most important, a well-maintained home is more apt to appreciate in value. Peabody Restoration and Roofing is an ethical organization designed specifically to help homeowners maintain their home’s integrity and value, no matter what issues arise. 


In Colorado, the two most prevalent problems affecting property values are aging and weather issues. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA) reports that more than 2/3rds of property insurance claims come directly from “hail, wind, and tornado damage.”  Adding, “In the last 10 years, hailstorms have caused more than $3 billion in insured damage in Colorado.(2)” 

( 2)


Call Peabody Restoration and Roofing for Your Residential Property when  . . .


  • your aging property has not been inspected in a year or more.

  • other properties in your community have confirmed water, wind or hail damage. 

  • you plan on buying or selling a property.

  • you need to know a home’s value for a refinancing opportunity.

  • you have inherited a property and want to ascertain its value.

  • you plan to change insurance companies and need to determine current condition.


Neglecting loose, damaged or weak shingles can allow water and moisture to seep around and under protective materials, opening the structure up for severe damage. If even think there may be damage, you should call us right away! Peabody Restoration and Roofing will help by providing a FREE NO OBLIGATION INSPECTION! Call us and rest assured it will be handled efficiently and affordably as possible. We will assess the problem, determine the prognosis, and provide a plan to address the issues. If it appears there is damage that would be covered under your insurance plan, we’ll help you with that as well! There are no better contractors than Peabody, to help you understand how to obtain your optimum insurance reimbursement. We will bring all our experience to the table to advocate on your behalf!


The Peabody Residential Roofing Team


Peabody Restoration is not just a construction company that does some roofing now and then. Our elite team includes of skilled engineers and craftsman who are roofing experts. All of our pros share the common goal of providing an unprecedented level of quality and service in the local real estate construction, restoration, and roofing industry. Our Denver Roofing pros are highly specialized, complimentary skills and together they work as a finely tuned machine to craft the perfect residential roofing restoration plan, no matter how large or small the project. From the foundation, up to the roof, and down to the finishing touches, we give each property our very best, utilizing our high-tech, high-touch attention to detail.


Whether your home is your first, or your last, you want to know that the professionals you hiring are eminent experts in residential properties, and . . . that they always have your best interest at heart. Our residential teams have experience in all types of roofing construction, repairs and replacement techniques. We will respond to your needs quickly, providing a free inspection, a comprehensive evaluation, and a plan to address the problem. In just one visit, you will learn the current condition of your property, the untreated prognosis, and all methods of addressing it.  


No matter what type of home or roof you own, we can help! Our teams can handle traditional asphalt shingle repairs, replacements, and reroofing projects. Depending upon the value of your property and your long-term plans, we can even help you to upgraded your roof style to tile, slate, ceramic, concrete or metal. You can count on Peabody Restoration and Roofing for advice and guidance you need for your home improvement projects! From the initial tear-off, to final site clean-up and inspection, Peabody Restoration and Roofing is on your side. You’ll love the new look of your roof or renovation, almost as much as you will love the increase in your property’s value.    


Exploring Residential Roofing Options


We are experts in all styles of traditional residential roofing, repairs, reroofing and restoration solutions. We understand that most homeowners make their home their largest investment of their lifetime. We respect that and are honored when we are chosen to assist in a roofing or restoration project. We begin by assessing the current condition, and then taking into account the homeowners budget, timeframe, and plans for the property, help to determine the best resolution. No matter how small or severe your damage, Peabody will help! We have never found a roof we can’t repair, renew, or replace. We will become your ally, providing information, guidance and support throughout the project.


Flat Roofs –

Flat roofs, referred to as “low-slant” roofs, provide an ultra-modern architectural look to residential properties and are practical and affordable for larger commercial building construction. “Flat” roofs appear, to the naked eye, to be “flat”, but they are actually constructed with a predetermined slant (minimum 10 degrees), that is custom engineered for each property by building-up applied modified roofing materials on sheeting which is then sealed by layers of durable protective liquid. This flat roof construction process is known as BUR roofing, which stands for “built-up roofing”.


Is your home designed with a flat or “low-slant” or “low-sloping” roof? This style of roof is said to provide slightly more interior space than a traditional peaked roof, and the materials to install can cost much less. However, the importance of properly executing the installation or repair of these roofs can present unique challenges. Improperly installed or haphazardly repaired flat roofs are susceptible to standing water and moisture retention and, as every roofer knows, nothing can do more damage to any structure. Add to this, aging issues, wet and then hot weather, and this moisture can lead to fungus, mold, leaks, roofing and structural deterioration, and even structural failure.

Residential Roofing, Repairs, Replacements and Restoration


Roof Repairs







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